Genetically modified organism harms ecology; expert claims

File Photo, NMF.

KATHMANDU, Nepal– At a time the country is focusing on a debate about the impacts of genetically modified organism (GMO), a renowned environmentalist, has claimed that the genetically modified organism (GMO) is not new inventions.

During a programme on Seed Freedom and Food Freedom Lecture in the capital Kathmandu on Sunday, environmentalist Vandana Shiva argued that GMO harmed ecology, diversity and flexibility of local crops as it is a contamination of several genres.

She also argued that the green revolution has proven wrong often.

Rewarded by Right Livelihood Award in 1993, she also opined that ecological agriculture is flexible to climate change.

Earlier, the CG Seeds and Fertilizers, a supplementary of Chaudhary Group, during a press meet had clarified that it had not imported GMO seeds manufactured abroad.

It is said that roughly 270,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1995, mostly in Maharastra of neighboring India where many farmers use genetically modified cotton seeds.

Due to lack of regulation and poor monitoring mechanism, unregistered hybrids seeds are finding way into Nepal, according to seed experts.

Nepal’s Seed Act also specifies mandatory registration of import and supply of cross-pollinated varieties and hybrid seeds.

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