'I have no answer for my son'

Injured Sameer receiving  treatment at a hospital in Capital. photo:NMF
Injured Sameer receiving treatment at a hospital in Capital. photo:NMF

KATHMANDU, Nepal- As an owner of Kathmandu based teashop, which was close to polling station, Dan Kaji Khadgi had a very busy schedule on that day- preparing tea and foodstuffs and then supply to his regular clients scattered at the various places.

At around 9:30 am on Tuesday, the very day of polls, he asked his son Samir Khadgi (8) to go home, close to his shop and watch cartoon on television like in those earlier school holidays and pass the time accordingly. Unfortunately, soon his son left for the shop, a huge sound echoed into his ear and rocked the shop with big noises and rushed to the scene which was just few steps straight to his shop, where a crowd had already amassed.  Seeing his son laying unconsciously in the pond of blood, the man passed out.

In fact the 8 years child had apparently clutch his hand on the explosive device that went off leaving him seriously injured. The bomb planted perhaps by the cadres of the CPN-Maoist, has damaged all the finger of this kid with a lot of scars on his face.

Samir, a 1st grader at local school, has lost all the four fingers in the incident and is currently receiving treatment in the incentive care unit (ICU) at Bir Hospital in capital.

‘I have no answer for my son when he asks for his lost fingers,’ Dankaji Khadgi, father of Samir Khadgi, complained to a local television adding, ‘Doctors say the little finger, the only remaining finger of his right hand, will also have to be severed.’

After regaining consciousness in the evening, Samir requested his father to take him home, but he does not know that he has lost his fingers in the blast. ‘Soon the bandage on his hand is uncovered; he will certainly complain us about his fingers. Thus, I am thinking hard on how to cope with that particular situation,’ Khadgi said.

The only thing that haunts on Khadgi is about the future of his son. He has nothing to do neither with the constitution assembly nor the demands of poll opposing political parties.



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