Nepal goes to second CA polls

A woman points out a mark at her finger as a proof for casting a vote. Photo: NMF
A woman shows  a mark at her finger as a proof for casting a vote. Photo: NMF

KATHMANDU, Nepal-The much awaited second election to Constituent Assembly (CA) has afoot in the capital Kathmandu and across many parts of the country on Tuesday in peaceful manner except some anti-polls activities carried out by poll opposing alliance led by Baidhya Maoist party.

Voting has begun from 7 am this morning and will continue till 5 pm in the afternoon. Voters are lined up in polling centers all over the country with much gusto to exercise their right in the polls.

A total of 6,218 candidates are in the poll fray under the first-past-the-post (FPTP) polls system while 10,409 are in the race in the proportional representation (PR) category.

Though the government has called on the people to cast their vote without any fear, claiming that it has arranged tight security across the nation, some violence activities including booth captures and clash between the cadres of two different parties have been reported with two explosions in the valley till 2 Pm on Tuesday.

Earlier the Election Commission had made it clear the voters could cast their ballots in the polls in a peaceful manner as favorable environment for the same has been created.

The Commission has informed that 55% of voting is complete until 2pm.

Around 12 million eligible voters are casting their votes via 10,013 voting centers across the country, according to EC.

‘I cast a vote after queuing up almost for two hours,’ voter Manish Shrestha showing his mark in the finger said after casting ballets in one of the polling center in Kathmandu. According to him the consequence of the polls will determine the fate of Nepalese people.

Meanwhile a bomb has been detonated near a polling station in the capital living three people injured, including a minor.



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