Chhath festival begins as thousands take a holy dip

A devotee offering prayer to setting sun, file photo.
A devotee offering prayer to setting sun, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal- This year´s Chhath festival is being marked for four days beginning Wednesday.

The festival begins on the sixth day of the lunar calendar in the month of Kartik (Nepali calendar).

The devotees observe the festival by taking pure food items popularly known as Aruwa-Aruwain.

The devotees observe fasting and prepare rice pudding on a fresh earthen oven, and receive as prasad after offering to the Sun on the second day.

Likewise, on the third day, the devotees offer special curd to the setting sun by taking dip into the shores of ponds and the festival would conclude on Saturday after offering Argha to the rising sun.

With the beginning of the Chhath, the sale of bamboo products, apples, banana and sweets has sharply increased in the Capital Kathmandu.

Rani Pokhari and other ponds and rivers in the Capital are cleaned up and decorated for the festival.



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