Eventually disabled Kopp makes record jump over Everest

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- A multiple sclerosis French ailing person who wished to become the first disabled person to skydive over Mount Everest, has successfully accomplished his landing, Sunday evening.

‘I feel very happy. I am exhausted but very happy,’ AFP quoted Marc Kopp as saying from a hospital bed in Kathmandu where a team of doctor are examining him for any injuries sustained during the jump.

He expressed confidence that his action would inspire others enduring with this illness and many more would ‘follow in his footsteps.’

He admitted that preparation for the jump was “very painful” and left his whole body suffering.

Although he normally uses a wheelchair, the trek through the Himalayas meant he had to spend several hours a day riding a horse, which was hard on his spine, to reach the airstrip for the jump.

The tandem skydive witnessed Kopp jump out of a helicopter hovering 10,000 metres above the world highest peak, accompanied by his comrade Mario Gervasi, according to news reports.

With a noble cause to convey ‘a message of hope’ to suffering with various diseases,  55-year old Frenchman Marc Kopp had arrived Nepal a few days ago to skydive over word’s highest Peak Mt. Everest.

Kopp, who resides in Longwy, near Luxembourg’s border, has suffered for more than a decade from multiple sclerosis, the degenerative nervous system disease which interrupts the brain’s ability to communicate with the body.

According to experts, such sufferer can lose the ability to speak or walk at any moment. Thus Kopp has managed with walking stick apart from holding on to his skydiver comrade Mario Gervasi who will accompany him on his jump.

Anyway he seems glad though the long lasting disease betrayed him since many years back.



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