Lead level goes beyond global limit: Study

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Most of the paint companies manufactured in Nepal for household purpose carries unsafe levels of lead that went beyond global limit, a recent report revealed.

The report, released in Kathmandu coinciding with ‘International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week’ on Tuesday  was prepared after testing 50 samples of enamel paint from 21 paint companies manufactured or sold in paint stores at Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Pokhara and Butwal for home use.

The report prepared by the Center for Public Health and Environmental Development states that exposure to even small amounts of lead can thin out a child’s intelligence and performance in school besides bringing them behavioral problems.

According to heath experts, high level of lead damages the human brain and central nervous system and thereby causes coma, paroxysms and even death. Likewise, excessive expose to the lead causes intellectual damage to the kids.

Ram Charitra Sah, director at the Center said high levels of lead in paints were proven risk and caused harm not only for families but the country as a whole.

Terming the damage as ‘permanent,’ Sah pointed out the need to supervise the illegal activities while manufacturing the paint.  Lead paint is major source of potential lead poisoning for human being. Experts warned that decaying lead bulged from furniture and wall might create lead-contaminated dust at house and office that human being easily take in.

Globally, 30 countries have banned the use of lead paint so far and the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint, co-led by WHO and UNEP, has set a target of 70 countries by 2015.




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