118 foreigners deported on different charges

Nepal government logo. Photo: File photo
Nepal government logo. Photo: File photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal- The Department of Immigration (DOI) has deported 118 foreigners on various charges in the past two years.

Citizens of the Iran, Liberia, Ghana, America, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Switzerland were at forefront of the deportation, according to DOI.  The deportees were charged with possession of forged passports, fake visas, drug trafficking and drug-possession mainly among others.

According to the department, the expatriations were made from July, 28, 2011 to October, 8, 2013.

According to the department, it deports foreigners in two ways.

The first one is simple direction to leave the country within visa-years. It is enforced upon those individuals, who overstay or do any job here violating visa rules.

The second way is forceful deportation to countries of the foreigners concerned. This applies to convicts.

If found involved in criminal activities or in possession of forged passports or fake visas, the department produce such foreigners before District Courts concerned from where, they are handed over to DoI with the court’s sentence. Then the department immediately deports the foreigners found at fault

As per the immigration rule, foreigners those deported forcefully are barred from entering Nepal for up to 10 years.

More and more foreigners are found using forged Nepali passports to go abroad for work these days. “Especially, Iranians and Africans were found involved in such acts,” the department officials said, adding,” They wanted to go to America via India by using Nepali passports.”


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