Ichangu Narayan is home to wealthiest people in Nepal

Ichangu Narayan village, file photo
Ichangu Narayan village, file photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal- People living in Ichangu Narayan Village Development Committee (VDC), located at northwest of the Capital Kathmandu are one of the wealthiest in the country, on average, in terms of their spending capacity, a latest report revealed.

According to a report on ‘Nepal Small Area Estimates of Poverty’ carried out by the Central Bureau of Statistics, every household in this VDC, on average, spends around Rs 1,100 on consumption per day, which is the most prominent amount in the Capital.

Per capita spending on consumption in the VDC stands at Rs 81,940 per year.

The second most comfortable area in the valley is Dhapakhel in Lalitpur. It is said to have per capita consumption spending of Rs. 80,293, this means every family in Dhapakhel spends nearly 1,073.50 per day.

Similarly, the third luckiest area in the Valley is Mahankal as each dweller, on average spends Rs 80,143 on consumption annually. Based on this, it could be predicted every family in Mahankal, on average, spends around 1,071.50 per day.

The report further reveals that Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City’s per capita consumption stands at Rs 43,550 per year and that of Kathmandu Metropolitan City looms around 41,066 per year per year — both passed poverty line criteria fixed for the Capital.

Nevertheless, Bhaktapur Municipality’s per capita consumption stands at Rs 31,053, which is below the poverty line fixed for urban Kathmandu.

Per capita expenditure on consumption in these specific areas of the Capital Kathmandu is around four times higher than the minimum spending on consumption needed to remain above the national poverty line.

The government of Nepal, of late, has said that every individual should pay out Rs 19,261 per year on consumption to remain above the poverty line.

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