Thousands participate in Dipankha Yatra- the religious journey

A serpentine queue of participants at the Dipankha Yatra. Photo: Facebook
A serpentine queue of participants at the Dipankha Yatra. Photo: Facebook

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Thousands of devotees walked more than 65 kms participating the Dipankha Yatra- the pious journey that takes place around the heart of Nepal “The Kathmandu Valley”. Devotees walk through the journey barefooted to 131 religious destinations within 2 days.

The Yatra that started on Friday morning formally concluded on Saturday morning with thousands following the Dipankha Yatra route.

The 900-year-old tradition of Yatra, which is equally important from religious as well as tourism point of view, took over more than 100,000 devotees in a religious trek to 131 temples and stupas around Kathmandu valley.

According to Gurjus of Newar community, the Yatra has its roots in the legends of Shakya Muni Buddha, who it is believed was once born as a blue-horned ox. It is not an annual festival but is celebrated only if five auspicious astronomical and astrological features coincide on one day according to the lunar calendar.

The procession began at Nagbaha and ended at Mahalaxmisthan in Patan.

The procession is a sign of religious harmony as both Hindu and Buddhist spots are revered. Dipankha Yatra was organized on 17th October, 2005 that occurred after 38 years. An estimate of 100,000 people participated in the journey.


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