Cyclone Phailin likely to hit weather in Nepal, warns MFD

KATHMANDU, Nepal-With the Cyclone Phailin battered India’s eastern coast on Saturday night and a vast storm blanket the Bay of Bengal, the weather  condition of Nepal is likely to hit for a couple of days, the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD) in Kathmandu warned.

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Clouds covered eastern, central and far western region of Nepal and the weather turned gloomy on Sunday due to the tropical storm.

The Phailin clouds  covered  almost all the places of Nepal and it is  likely to stay on till  Wednesday with chances of heavy rainfall according to weather experts.

It rained at many places of the country along with the Capital Kathmandu Valley witnessing a drizzle all through the day.

The mercury across the  country plummeted Sunday with the Valley witnessed 20 degree celcius att 12 pm compared to 29.5 degree celcius on Saturday noon, according to the MFD’s weather forecast.

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