Alternative route in Annapurna region in the offing

A view of Annapurna trekking route
A view of Annapurna trekking route

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Due to the disturbance caused by transport services in the trekking areas, the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) is all set to construct an alternate trekking route from Besi Sahar to the Annapurna trekking region.

TAAN has sketched the dream to construct an alternate trekking route from the Annapurna to Besi Sahar which is not linked with motorable roads.

‘We have planned to develop a more sustainable route with proper infrastructure so that trekkers will be able to enjoy their trek throughout the route required for trekkers who want to trek within the Annapurna region,’ said Ramesh Dhamala, president of TAAN adding it will cooperate with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for the purpose and soon come up with a clear vision proper plan.

Earlier‚ trekkers usually had a trekking itinerary of at least 10 days‚ but the length of both treks and stays has gone down following motorable roads to the trekking destinations.  Trekking agencies said foreign trekkers visit Annapurna region for adventure but motorable roads posed challenge to adventure due to the concrete roads.

TAAN said it will coordinate with local communities to discover new trekking routes for Humla and Upper Mustang as well. Transportation services have affected the remuneration of locals in trekking regions. The association is also planning to strictly scrutinize TIMS cards at various checkpoints in the route.

The transports services along with the clamorous activities of the passenger have shook up in the trekking areas and the trekkers’ thrill and excitement have slowly been decreasing in the trekking areas. Earlier‚ tourists had to trek to Muktinath Temple but now there are transportation services available.

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