Pilot including Chinese national killed in ultra light aircrash

ultra light
Pilot Stephen Shrestha who died in the accident. Photo: Republica

KATHMANDU, Nepal-At least two people, including a pilot were killed, when an ultra light aircraft belonging to Avia Club crashed at Stupa at Pumdi Bhumdi VDC in Kaski district on Thursday.

Stephen Shrestha, pilot of ultra light aircraft and a Chinese national died when the light aircraft crashed this morning, according to Manoj Gharti Magar.

Shrestha who was regarded as a brave pilot died after the two-seater aircraft met an accident while flying .

 In a bid to provide sightseeing tour around the country, Avia Club had started its service in 1996. Also an active member of Nepal Air sports Association that is an executive FAI (Federation of Aeronautical International) member, Avia has flown over 8000 tourist flights so far.

The reason of the crash is still unclear, however, it is guessed that the aircraft might be crashed due to foggy weather since it was raining lightly and cloud had coated the sky during the time of accident.

Ultra-light is famous among tourists for sightseeing the Pokhara Valley and the Annapurna range.

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