Explorers spotted flock of wild donkeys in upper Humla

A view of Upper Humla, file photo.
A view of Upper Humla, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-A group of young wildlife explorers have spotted a huge flock of wild donkeys in the upper part of mountain district Humla.

During the course of the field study of wildlife in the district, the team from ´Nature’s Friends’, an organization working in the fields of nature and wildlife conservation, found as many as 571 wild donkeys at Chakpalung area of Limi Village Development Committee in the district which shelters some of the endangered and rare species.

The team had gone up to an altitude of 5200 meters for the wildlife study and had used camera trapping, observing, and hold interaction with the local villagers to dig into the wildlife during their 53 days  exploration trip to Humla.

‘If we are not mistaken Chakpalung has the highest concentration of wild donkeys in the country,’ myrepublica quoted exploration team leader Raju Acharya as saying, adding they were mainly focused on a huge grazing plateau.

The team had established a camp in the plateau, which is a two-day walk from the nearest human settlement, to explore wildlife.

According to Acharya, the VDC is a paradise for wild animals and they also found various species of wild animals, including the rare and endangered ones in the area.

In the meantime, the explorers have asked the government to displace 181 households in the region and declare it as a ‘rare conservation area’ evaluating the significance of the area.

Earlier a team of explorers had found 37 wild donkeys in another mountain district Mustang in 2004.

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