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KATHMANDU, Nepal-It may be sad news for those aged peoples that Nepal is among worst places to grow old. An UN-backed global report revealed the sad finding in terms of senior citizen here in Nepal. The country has been ranked 77th out of 91 countries in Global Age Watch Index, a first of its kind survey, which claimed to have covered 89 percent of the population above 60 years of age worldwide.

Analyzing the survey findings in terms of the four domains, Nepal has been ranked at 62 in terms of income security, 82 in terms of health status, 79 in terms of employment and education and 69 in terms of enabling environment.

The survey puts Sweden as the best place for ageing people followed by Norway, Germany, Netherlands and Canada among others. The report has put the US at 8the position. Neighboring India is in 73rd position while another SAARC country Afghanistan has been placed last.

The survey was prepared on the basis of four domains: income security, health status, employment and education and enabling environment.

In Asia, Japan topped the position, ranking 10th while Sri Lanka has been the top in South Asia at 36 followed by India and Nepal.

Among the 13 indicators, pension income coverage, poverty rate in  old age, relative welfare of older people and GDP per capita is investigated income security while life expectancy at 60, healthy life expectancy at 60 and psychological well-being is kept under health status.

Similarly, employment of older people and education status of older people is categorized into employment and education, while social connections, physical safety, civic freedom and access to public transport were kept in mind under the enabling environment.

The Global Age Watch Index was compiled by the United Nations Population Fund and advocacy group Help Age International and released to mark the UN’s Day of Older Persons.

In the meantime, Nepal observed the UN’s Day of Older Persons on Tuesday by organizing various programme.



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