Sexually suppressed Singh stormed at park
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KATHMANDU,Nepal-It was exactly half-past eleven in the morning. A lady was waiting for her fiancé at a park in Capital Kathmandu. The girl who was waiting her fiancé had hardly imagined that she would face a heinous sexual harassment that is even impossible to describe.

The couple of medical science who carried out engagement with big fanfare  just on Wednesday for nuptial knot were weaving the plans to purchase required goods and materials for the marriage ceremony that was slated to be held for today (Sunday). As per the plan, Dr. Ramita (name changed), serving at Chitwan Medical hospital, situated at 150 kilometer far west of capital Kathmandu came a few minutes fast  at the park than her fiancé Dr. Ram Prasad (ghost name).

She was sitting at the bench of the park pondering her upcoming married life and weaving her dream after her fiancé called her over cell phone that he might be delayed for thirty minutes. The girl attired in very attractive dress had dreamed of her prosperous future life during the short spam of time. Unfortunately, within few second after making phone call with her fiancé, a crime serious in nature was exerted upon her by an unidentified man, leaving her socially and mentally shattered.

Dr. Ramila who was engaged in last hour preparation of her marriage became the victim of crime that was really hard to define directly through the verbal words. The innocent girl became the victim of suppressed sexual desire of Raj Kumar Singh, 33, of  Saptari district. Exited Singh not only meet his sexual thirst, also had  spread his sperm above the body of girl who was sitting nearby to him inside the park. The girl, who was promised to meet within few minutes by her fiancé, was astonished and upset to find her clothes above her waist was soaked with the sperm of Singh.

Fortunately, Dr. Ramila did not fully become the victim of direct rape from Singh,  probably she might have better time and the criminal feeling of the man did not escalate further more. Instantly, she made contact with her fiancé and the victim couple informed the incident which was really novel in nature, to Metropolitan Police Division, Maharajgunj, that was not far than 200 meters. The police arrested Singh and took him to the office and Ramila’s fiancé Dr. Ram Prasad immediately lodged a case against Singh. However, the case left the police with trouble as the crime was really novel for them.  ‘We were really in confused state at first on how to lodge the case since it was new type of incident,’ Jevan Kumar Shrestha, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of the section said.

The police glanced over the book of law to tackle the case and police officer stepped up the discussion among themselves, however, the confusion still loomed for long time over them. Finally, after getting the suggesting from government layer, the police decided to lodge the case under Forcefully Sex Act against Singh. Police got the permission to remand sexually frustrated Singh for five days for further investigation   after taking him to district court, Kathmandu.

The polices were feeling difficulty before getting permission from the court and some police officers were hesitated to go  to the court due to possible embarrassment , thinking how to brief the case before the judges.

The police officers who were inspecting the event on the spot said the the actions of the sexually oppressed Singh were really new case in their service life. ‘The activities of Singh were no less than obscene film. We had no words to explain the events,’ Rajdhani national daily newspaper quoted a statement of an investigating official.

According to the officials at the Ministry for Home Affairs, the incident has disclosed the new style and nature of crime in Nepal adding that the incident has raised serious questions about where the Nepali society is heading towards. Moreover, the incident has further indicated that the park and public places of Kathmandu valley are not secured for women.

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