Visually impaired teacher to climb Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest, file photo.
Mt. Everest, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-A visually impaired teacher of Baglung district has announced to summit Mt. Everest. Amit KC, 30, resident Sarkuwa- 2 of the district, located at 250 kilometers south-west of Capital Kathmandu announced to ascend the world’s tallest peak during a programme in Kathmandu.

In a bid to give a message to world community that the disabled people can also perform gutsy task if they get opportunity, KC announced to climb the 8,848 meter high peak.

If he succeeded as per his plan, he would be the first Nepalese sightless to atop Mt. Everest. Earlier, an American blind Erik Weihenmayer had climbed Mt. Everest in 2001 to make him the first amputee to ascend the peak.

KC, who obtained one month training of rock climbing in Pokhara, Nagarjun and Thamel of Kathmandu is working out  physical as well as mental preparations for the expedition.

KC, will  take a month long trainning from August in Langtang as a part of physical exercise. the Inclusion Empowerment Centre of Pokhara has been helping him in his training.

Pasang Tendi Sherpa will assist KC in his climbing attempts while a US national  Cleff has vowed to support him in other ways.  KC, who has anticipated one million dollars to materialize his plan said his expedition expense would be relatively more costly as compared to others. If all processes are completed, he will climb Everest within 2014.

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