Unsustainable natural resources challenging environment: Experts

file photo of Umakanta Jha, Minister for Science, Technology and Environment
file photo of Umakanta Jha, Minister for Science, Technology and Environment

KATHMANDU, Nepal-The unsustainable natural resources has posing great threat to existing environment, making solution of the environmental problems more intriguing, experts warned. During a programme on sustainable production and consumption in Asia, in Kathmandu, experts stressed the need to offer high priority to sustainable economic development, green construction practices and protection of biodiversity.

They also emphasized on collective efforts to address the problems resulting from climate change and environmental eroding.

On the occasion Minister for Science, Technology and Environment, Umakanta Jha lauded the support granted by EU for the environment protection in Nepal which was i his view ‘a result-oriented’.

Vice chairman of the National Planning Commission (NPC) Rabindra Kumar Shakya said that sustainable development could not be obtained until water resources and energy security were ensured.

Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Keshav Prasad Bhattarai informed that the Ministry has been observing closely into the projects implemented in Nepal and will make the necessary policy level interventions in order to improve the environment.

The SWITCH-Asia programme was launched in 2007 aims to contribute towards sustainable growth and poverty reduction in Nepal.

One hundred and sixty policy makers, experts, and stakeholders from Europe and Asia are taking part the programme.


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