Water dearth hit tourist hub Sangboche

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KATHMANDU, Nepal-Sangboche, one of the tourist hub places of Nepal is marred by severe shortage of water, leaving the commoner in dire situation in the recent months.  Moreover, water scarcity has affected local hotel entrepreneurs which were established to offer smooth and excellence service aiming primarily to foreigners.  Anyone may hardly believe that villagers and local hotel entrepreneurs of this region must walk hours on foot to carry single jar of water. Locals residing near the Sangboche airport hardly mange to fetch 20 liters of water after paying Rs. 50 following two hours walk on foot. ‘We should have to pay Rs 50 per gallon of water,’ a local entrepreneur Lakhapa Futi Sherpa said.

Rest room and bathroom built inside the hotel are futile due to the dire shortage of water, it is reported. Even though each hotel provides rest room service, nevertheless, owing to the lack of minimum water supply, domestic and international tourists traveling there are forced to flee nearby open jungle, Rajdhani national daily quoted entrepreneur Dilly  Magar as saying. According to the locals, though they managed water that came from melting  from the source of mountain in summer, they are enduring hard time in dry and even rainy season. The issue of  water dearth is not limited to Sangboche, but beyond neighboring village Khunday and  Khumjung , from where the locals carry water.

More than five dozens houses in Khunday village have to depend only on a common single tape at which a long queue of people arriving from various regions wait their turn with container hour the clock to meet their thirsts. ‘Normally it takes two hours to get a turn to fill water from a common tape’, local Doma Sherpa complains.

All the villagers are worried about the future of rest room and their use while the visitors are forced to run off towards afforest. ‘We have locked the rest room following water dearth and have becoming the mere spectators of  the pathetic situation of tourists ,’Yanji Sherpa, chairperson of Khumbila Awareness Group, an organization which advocates for the sanitary in the village.

The scarcity of water also surfaced in Khumjung valley. A Yak development farm has recruited six staffs to supply water from remote village and nourish it to yaks.

Local peoples have long been waiting for the accomplishment of a drinking water project, which aims to manage the smooth supply of water at Sangboche, Khunday and Khumjung valley, since fifteen months. The project is being dawdling due to the delay on the part of district development committee.

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