E-waste posing threat to Environment

Chinese workers tak apart electronic trash on the street in Guiyu, China.
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No one can question the utility of electric equipment which have been testified as vital tools in our day-by-day life, however, only a few people are little acknowledged with the negative impact of these waste parts.

The chemical of the electric junk mixes with the water when it is cast away causing the water  heavy polluted before transforming it to human, animal and other beasts, according to the experts. Likewise, the harmful gases produced from such garbage also transmitted across the air and soil.

Computer, television, inverter, lead, acid batteries, CFL bulb, medical tools, and other various electrical equipment turns into dump after they failed to work. Environmentalists warned that the parts of tube light, battery and mercury diminish human’s immunity power to combat against diseases, which can stunt the development of brain and the central nervous system. Likewise, an explosive gas and much of the toxic pollution coming from batteries, has put the human health in hazards by increasing average levels of lead in human blood.

Though the electricity dumps have been increasing high in the latest days, the government of Nepal has not formally initiated any measure to manage and curb such garbage.

According to an official at the Ministry of Information, Technology and Environment, there is no clear cut policy to control electric garbage. ‘No policy has been made so far’, the official said. Legal officer of Garbage Management Technical Center Dipendra Oli said, ‘though it has been mentioned a little in Garbage Management Act, no measure has been initiated through the level of government.’

Even though, many attempts have been made to control and manage the electric dump across the world, commoner in Nepal are not aware with such mess till now. No one has paid attention to the management of garbage except for a general rule for those companies manufacturing electric equipment, which should manages the wastages created by the instruments.

European Union has prepared a guideline for the proper management of electric dump, which encourages for the collection, recycle and separation of unwanted parts of the electric machine.







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