Tourist hub Pokhara declared ‘Cleanest City’

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- Pokhara, one of the tourist hub cities of Nepal has been honored with the ‘Cleanest City’, of Nepal on the eve of World Environment Day, 2013. Efforts were undertaken since a couple of years to establish Pokhara a clean city by declaring it black polythene bag and vendor shop free zone. Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal is situated about 200 kilometers west of capital Kathmandu. Also known as the city of lakes, Pokhara housed three out of ten highest mountains in the world- Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu, which are situated within the 30 miles of city.

Also known to be the heaven of Nepal, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Meanwhile, environment experts stressed the need for other major cities in Nepal to follow the path of Pokhara adding people from all walks of life should be mobilized in conserving the environment as it is being degraded at many other urban areas in Nepal.

The World Environment Day under the slogan ‘Think, Eat, Save’ is going to be observed on June 5 (tomorrow) by organizing various programmes. The day was began in 1972 and has proved one of the most important tools through which United Nations launches environment awareness programme throughout the globe.

Meanwhile, two kilometers stretch of the Bagmati River from Gokarna to Jorpati Narayantar has been cleaned as a part to observe the Day.As many as 70 people took part in Bagmati River Cleaning Campaign.

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