Whereabouts of missing Chinese climber still at dark

Mount Makalu. Photo: File photo/Nepal Mountain Focus
Mount Makalu. Photo: File photo/Nepal Mountain Focus

KATHMANDU, Nepal- A Chinese mountaineer is missing and presumed dead after suffering a fall while descending from the summit of Makalu, the world’s fifth-highest peak.

Mountaineer Xiangliang Liu, has been missing at Mount Makalu since a month and has not been located yet. The Chinese national with the passport no. 947230783 has been missing since April 28 morning while returning from the Makalu summit.

“Liu has been missing since April 28 after completion of the Mt. Makalu ascent,” Sankhuwasabha District Police said, adding, that he had left for the summit on April 24 and has gone missing unexpectedly from the base camp from 28.

The expedition with altogether 12 climbers was guided by a local guide Mengtemba Sherpa. The remaining 11 members of the team are all okay, the police informed.

According to the police, rescue operation to locate the missing climber has been intensified, however, no result has been recorded so far.

Liu was climbing with an international expedition organized by Seven Summits when he plunged down a snow-covered face off the mountain’s Northwest Ridge Standard route.

Seven Summits owner Mingma Sherpa told Nepal Mountain Focus  page of Montagna.TV that four Sherpas had searched for Liu for two continuous days and that his company had asked for a helicopter to search for the 46-year-old mountaineer when that proved unsuccessful.

“A month has passed now and the chances of his survival are almost zero,” Sherpa said.


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