Chinese climbers rescued from Mt. Kanchanjunga


KATHMANDU, Nepal-Three Chinese climbers who fell ill while climbing the Mt. Kanchanjunga have been airlifted to  Kathmandu after their rescue. They were rescued by a chopper from the base camp of 8,586 meter high Kanchanjunga, lies in Taplejung district of eastern Nepal, Saturday. They are receiving treatment at the hospital in Kathmandu.

Rescued mountaineers have been identified as Dengluo (woman)  Uangzhang and angzechngul. All the mountaineers were taken ill while returning to base camp, at an altitude of 7,400 meter, after successfully summit the peak.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the five mountaineers including three foreigners who fell to die at the peak are yet to discover.

Zsolt Eross and Peter Kiss of Hungary, a South Korean national Park Nam-Su and Nepali mountaineer Diwas Gurung and Phudorjee Sherpa of Sankhuwasabha district were feared dead on world’s third tallest peak.

Security person, local people and a team of ten Sherpa are searching the bodies of dead mountaineers.

Kangchenjunga peak has one of the highest death rates for the mountaineers

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