70 spices of birds spotted

KATHMANDU, Nepal-In a bid to observe the status of the birds and negative impact on their habitants, bird spices census is being carried out in the hilly region of Chitwan district at the initiation of Bird Education Society, Chitwan from Friday. The society has spotted as many as 70 species of birds in the area till now. All together 17 birds’ specialists are taking part at the campaign.

The society would observe the real situation of the bird and human mounting encroachment at their inhabitants, informed society’s member Basu Bidari. Likewise, the society would conduct the detailed counting of the bird species in Siraichuli, Janjyala,  Upardang Gadhi and Chisapanitar in the region .

Moreover, the team would conduct a special study of spiny babbler which is only found in Nepal. Among 871 bird species, Chitwan has housed 567 species, among them 159 are enlisted in the endangered list.

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