Thamel lose smile after the fire

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Thamel, the main tourist hub in the capital Kathmandu, which used to be always packed and appealing due to the movements of tourists almost around the clock, is just like an abandoned area after the Thursday night inferno.

The 12 hour-long fire has almost damaged the interior of the house to ashes and the shop-owner was seen looking if he finds any unimpaired items.

The fire that broke out from the Faces Lounge Bar situated in-between the Kathmandu Guest House and Northfield Cafe on Thursday evening burns the Thamel overnight in one of the largest scathe in the area.

According to the preliminary investigation of the police, the fire engulfed the house along with a book store it homes causing damage that worth more than 200 million.

Police said the fire was the result of a minor negligence of gas leakage. And the reports of fire in the capital city for the last one month shows that the same kind of negligence have caused fires and damages that cost millions.

The after-fire scene. Photo: Nepal Mountain Focus
The after-fire scene. Photo: Nepal Mountain Focus

Only last month, Kathmandu saw 27 incidents of fire. Though the fires did not harm much, the Thursday night fire was the terrific one.

Officials say the chances of fire during the dry season of April and May is high. One has to be in alert to avert any untoward incidents. But, what they admit is that the accidents would come at any place and at any time. And we even don’t have the quick and effective mechanism to tackle if such situation happens. They even express worry about the wee conditions of the roadways and firefighters. “The Thamel incident has alarmed us for any other similar or big incident in the future,” they said adding, “its almost late to work on that.”


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