(English) Nepali peacekeepers under observation for Ebola

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–A total of 131 police personnel who returned from Liberia, an Ebola-hit West African nation, after completing their UN Peacekeeping Mission, are being kept under observation at the Armed Police Force (APF) UN Peacekeeping Training Centre in Kakani.

The UN peacekeepers, who returned home on Wednesday night, will be kept in Kakani for 21 days and undergo regular health checkups, according to the Information Section of the APF Headquarters,.

The security personnel have been kept under observation to be on the safe side from possibility of an Ebola outbreak.

Although all the members of the UN Peacekeeping Mission were informed in an extensive manner about the disease during their stay in Liberia, they will be kept under direct observation to find out if by any chance any may have come in contact with the disease.

The peacekeepers have been kept separately and separate logistics have been arranged for them. No one is given permission to meet the returnee peacekeepers.

(with inputs from nepalnews)

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