(English) Japanese Climber fell to death

File photo of Mount Manaslu.
File photo of Mount Manaslu.

KATMANDU, Nepal – A Japanese climber attempting to scale the world’s 8th tallest peak fell to death on Friday evening, becoming the first casualty of the autumn climbing season.

The unfortunate climber has been identified as 59-year-old Yoshimasa Sasaki of Kanagawa, according to the Tourism Ministry.

Sasaki slipped at an altitude of 7,300 meters on his way to the summit of Mount Manaslu and fell about 25 meters down the crevasse. In the meantime, attempts are being made to retrieve the body and bring it to a lower altitude.

Mount Manaslu is eighth highest mountain of the world, located in Nepal Himalaya with an elevation of 8163 meters.

Also known as the “Mountain of the spirit”, the peak is covered with by rock hard ice.

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