(English) “Ktm Walks” to promote walking‚ cycling

Image source: Agency
Image source: Agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal–In order to minimize air and noise pollution, spread awareness among locals regarding health benefits of walking as well as economic benefits of the practice, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, in association with other organizations is going to launch a weeklong campaign titled ‘Ktm Walks: Celebrate the Freedom of Movement’ from September 20.

The campaign to be launched on the occasion of ‘World Car Free Day’ on September 22 also aims to encourage people to walk in core city areas. It will also aims to promote walking in various road stretches of the Capital Kathmandu calling for people to avoid using cars one day a year and promote cycling and walking.

Private motor vehicles’ entry into certain road stretches will be restricted and the space will be exclusively used by people to walk, cycle, play, eat, relax and perform other recreational activities.

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