(English) Piles of dirt posing threat to Mt. Dhaulagiri

Mt. Dhaulagiri, file photo.
Mt. Dhaulagiri, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal– The litters piled at the Base Camp of the Mt. Dhaulagiri in the district is reportedly creating health hazards with environmental pollution.

“Due to the litters scattered randomly since four years by the climbers, guides and porters at the base camp, another heap of the mountain is erected along the peak”, VDC secretary Jit Bahadur Sunar was quoted by National News Agency RSS.

According to the reports, Tourism Ministry had spent Rs 1.4 million to clear the trash at the base camp, but the team did not collect the litters completely. A team led by Maya Gurung from Kathmandu had reached the camp to clear the rubbish dumped on the site.

Local Hari Tilija said that hundreds of sacks have now piled up at the Base Camp of the peak.

According to Amar Baniya, the president of Dhaulagiri Tourism Council if the government provided necessary budget and assigned the local bodies to collect the trash, the Dhaulagiri Mountain could remain pristine and the tourists too would feel healthy atmosphere.

In the meantime, locals are reportedly demanding an autonomous committee that will initiate an action to clean the environment of Mt. Dhaulagiri.

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