(English) Nepal makes thin progress in HDR value


KATHMANDU, Nepal- Nepal has improved its human development index (HDI) value in the latest Human Development Report (HDR) 2014. According to the HDR 2014 launched on Thursday, Nepal’s HDI value increased to 0.540 from 0.463 as the HDR 2014 has ranked Nepal 145th, up from last year’s 157th.

The good news is Nepal has also improved its ranking in Gender Inequality Index. The country is now ranked 98th from 102nd last year.

Nepal’s HDI value is the highest among the “Low Human Development” group. In South Asia, Nepal is above Pakistan (146) and Afghanistan (169).

Likewise another South Asian nation Sri Lanka, which has the highest HDI ranking in South Asia (73rd position), is the only country in the region under the “High Human Development” group.

The report, titled “Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience”, states there is no country in the “very high development” group from the region

The report which is published annually offers a fresh perspective on what makes people vulnerable, and proposes ways to strengthen flexibility.

The report states there is no country in the “very high development” group from the region.

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