(English) Mahabir Pun awarded with 2014 Jonathan B. Postel Service prize


KATHMANDU, Nepal–Mahabir Pun, the Magsaysay Award winning Nepali social worker, has been awarded with the 2014 Jonathan B. Postal Service Award.

Pun, who has been working to make internet services available in rural belt received the internationally prestigious award amid a program in Canada on Wednesday.

Pun was selected by an international award committee, comprised of the former Postel Award winners.

“Mahabir Pun has made a tremendous contribution to Nepal, with profound implications for the people of that region now and in the future,” said Kathy Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Society.

According to Internet Society, Pun was awarded recognizing his role in bringing internet to Nepal and increasing digital literacy and education access for the rural areas.

The Society presented the award, including a US$20,000 honorarium and a crystal engraved globe, during the 90th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) held in Toronto, Canada on 20–25 July, 2014.

Faced with many obstacles, Mr. Pun had to build a wireless network in the remote Himalayan region using Wi-Fi, which was an emerging technology at the time,  the Society stated its statement.

Pun started his initiation in 2002 from a few villages of western Nepal by introducing internet in rural schools.

The Postel Award was established by the Society to honor individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the data communications community.

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