(English) New radar system on card to prevent air crash

Image source: agency
Image source: agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal–With an aim to help prevent air accident during bad weather, Nepal is improving air transport safety by setting up a new radar system and weather monitoring equipment

As per the plan, the radar system will be installed on a mountaintop just south of the capital Kathmandu and will cover the entire country. Currently, only one radar system with limited range has been installed at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) which transmits data and images to flight controllers.

Many airstrips in the Himalayan nation are in mountain ranges, making flying dangerous during bad weather.

Taking to Associated Press, secretary at the Ministry Sushil Ghimire said cameras were being installed in those airstrips which will transmit data and images to flight controllers in radar so they will be able to determine whether flying is safe.

18 people were killed when a plane hit a mountain in bad snow and fog at Arghakhanchi district, in western province of Nepal. Though flying conditions were fine in Kathmandu and the destination, but the weather along the way had deteriorated, leading the crash.

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