(English) 8th Intl Indigenous Nationalities Film Festival kicks off

Image: Facebook post
Image: Facebook post

KATHMANDU, Nepal–With an aim to sort out inter-reality of indigenous groups, the eighth International Indigenous Nationalities Film Festival has kicked off in Kathmandu, Thursday.

More than five dozen people from neighboring India

As many as 60 short films produced by the different producers from Nepal, India, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, among other countries, will be screened on the occasion.

Inaugurating the festival, senior scholar Satya Mohan Joshi said that such festivals help identify and establish the rights of indigenous nationalities by means of films.

On the occasion various indigenous leasers demanded ensuring rights of indigenous nationalities and others in a new constitution.

Anita Gurung of Nepal, GL Bhardwaj, India and Nimo Guji Nawami of Japan are judges of the three day fair that will conclude on June 14.

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