Russian climber Leila quit Everest bid

Image source: File photo.
Image source: File photo.
KATHMANDU, Nepal–Leila Albogachieva of the Russian Federation, who had long been dreaming to kiss the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest, said she was forced to quit her plan following April 18 avalanche. Leila, a teacher by profession, had dreamed to start up a solo ascent of Everest from the South side with the Olympic Torch, which the Olympic Committee had handed over to her in Moscow.
Also a candidate for taking part in the Sochi Olympic Torch Relay, she was the first Russian woman to conquer the “top of the world”, completing an ascent from both sides.
Leila was the first Russian woman to scale the tallest peak, completing an ascent from both sides. “Being a mountaineer and a sports lover, promoting sports is also my aim,” thehimalayantimes quoted her adding she always encourages women to go for challenging jobs.
She also appealed all to honour Sherpas, who lost their families and friends while serving the climbers. In her opinion they are the true heroes of the mountains.
This year Leila did a solo climb of Everest from the north side. At the mountain peak she hoisted the flags of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Ingushetia, the Sochi 2014 Olympics and “Wild Division”, which marks 100 years this year.
Leila plans to come to Nepal next year. She started mountain climbing fairly late. She completed her first climb in 1998 and then joined the Karachay expedition, which brought horses up to Elbrus.
According to the Department of Mountaineering, only three climbers are planning to scale the Mt. Everest this season.

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