Sherpas nodded to Everest expedition


KATHMANDU, Nepal–Protesting Sherpa Mountain guides have nodded to carry on work on Mount Everest after consultations with the government on their demands in the aftermath of the avalanche that killed 13 of their colleagues, in the worst disaster on the world’s highest peak.

Three Sherpa guide are still missing while six were seriously injured in the avalanche.

Some mountaineers agreed to resume expeditions on Friday after the government yielded to the demands of increasing insurance facilities, providing compensation and ensuring safety as raised by the Sherpas.

Earlier they had pulled out warned to pull out from their mountaineering job for an indefinite period if their demands.

The mountain guides had halted all the mountaineering work for a week to mourn the death of those who died in the avalanche that took place at the 1st Base Camp in April 18.

A high level government delegation led by the Tourism Minister had flown to Base Camp to persuade the mountaineers to resume the climbing activities.

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