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KATHMANDU, Nepal–With the joint initiations of Terai Landscape Program (TLP)  and the District Forest Office (DFO), tiger census has started in Laljhadi Mohana Reserve Area of Kanchanpur district located in the far west province of Nepal, according to newspaper reports.

Camera trapping methodology has been adopted for the census which will be centered in some 350 square kilometers of land of the reserve will be accomplished on April 20, according to DFO sources.

As many as 30 pairs of automatic cameras have been set up in different points in the reserve area which is believed to lodge two dozen tigers including some Bengalis.

A census team comprising of 17 members from District Office and Terai Landscape Programme has been deployed for the census in the reserve which covers 37,875 hectares of land.

The Laljhadi Mohana Reserve Area is connected with Dudhuwa National Park of India. The government had declared the Laljhadi-Mohaha forest a conserved area on September 23, 2010.

Mohana Laljhadi protected area is also a home to endangered vultures as some 12 nests of the endangered white-rumped vulture were found in less than a week ago.

Meanwhile, the Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is preparing to make public the report of tiger census conducted in January-March this year. According to the Chief Conservation Officer Yubaraj Regmi, the outcome of the census will be made public within two weeks.

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