(English) Prime Minister Koirala has two cell phones, no property

Sushil Koirala, file photo.
Sushil Koirala, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Newly elected Prime Minister Sushil Koirala does not have any property except for two mobile phones, thanks for his austere lifestyle.

The 75-year-old prime minister doesn’t have a house or land nor own any vehicle or a motorbike and he doesn’t have even a bank account.

According to Prakash Adhikari, Prime Minister’s press coordinator, Koirala does not possess any property, except those three phones, of which one is not in a working condition.

The 75-year-old prime minister does not even hold a bank account, Adhikari said adding the OPMC is planning to open an account for him to deposit his salary.  “We are planning to open a bank account for him once he starts receiving the salary,” Adhikari told.

Koirala, a bachelor, was elected the prime minister just a few weeks ago and he has yet to receive his monthly remuneration.

Koirala, whose simple lifestyle is contradictory to many other leaders in the country, had never held any public position before and he had rejected to receive ancestral wealth as well.

Before moving to the prime minister’s quarters at Baluwatar last month, Koirala was staying at the house rented by the Nepali Congress at the outskirt of Kathmandu.

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