Couple gives 11 births in want of son

Nepal country map with Kalikot district location. Photo: File photo
Nepal country map with Kalikot district location. Photo: File photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal – It may sound unreal that people in this modern world are still wait desperately for son in their newborns. But its true that women in many traditional societies are still giving birth to numbers of children for their wish to have a male child.

A couple in remote western district of Nepal has reportedly gave birth to nearly dozen children in want of son. Lalpura Tamatta, a resident of Kalikot district, has given birth to 11 children out of which nine are alive. She is 40 now. Married at the age of 16, Lalpura gave birth to baby every next year.

There are many organizations operating in the country in the name to educate such people about the implications of early and glut motherhood. However, people like Lalpura never get a chance to meet such organizations and their representatives. She said that she gave birth to the children in want of a son. However, “I lost my two daughters,” she lamented.

With more members in the family to feed, Devi Tamatta, husband of Lalpura works in India. “There is problem in feeding all the family members but as the community schools in the village give free education, there is no much burden of education,” Lalpura was quoted as saying by agency RSS, adding that daughters also help her in kitchen works reducing her daily workloads. “Since daughters will marry and left the home one day there will be only sons with us in the old age,” she said when asked about her lasting wish for a son, though she has two sons now.

Interestingly, Lalpura still wish to have more children, of course sons, as her two sons are still young.


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