HIV patient in Everest bid

File photo, Mt. Everest

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world has witnessed various mountaineers from the nook and hook of the world ranging from people having with weird hobbies to professional climbers in the world while ascending the peak. People with various walks of life have already amassed their unusual experiences in the roof of the world and many are harboring their cherished dream to do so.

People ranging from physically disabled like  handicapped, visual impaired to oldest one in the world have successfully scaled the peak to fulfill their dream to set world record and other are also planning for the same.

Goopal Shrestha, an HIV patient , originally represented from tourist hub city Pokhara, is  also among those who are living with cherish dream to conquer the world’s highest peak. In a bid to draw the world’s attention and call for  effective treatment as well as care of people living with HIV and AIDs, Shrestha is planning to ascend the peak in coming July.

He is also taking require training to achieve the feat. Shrestha, who has been living with HIV for 19 years and has worked in the field of HIV and illegal drugs for a decade was infected through use of unsafe needles.

Shrestha, who was once a veteran football player has also spent more than decades working abroad. He started working to combat against HIV and AIDs and  to prevent other youngsters from falling prey to the disease.

‘I  did feel like I could also climb the mountain like other normal people,’ Shrestha was quoted by a local FM as saying, adding he required support to fund his expedition worth around Rs 1.7 million.

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