Nepal shows up prominently in Vakantiebeurs fair

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) along with five Nepalese private travel companies successfully took part in the biggest travel shows named as Vakantiebeurs fair.

During the fair, five leading companies of the country- Himalayan Rocks Tour Trekking and Expeditions, Firante Treks and Expeditions, Dolpa Trek, Outdoor Expeditions and Himalayan Ecological Trekking clearly depicted Nepal as one of the most adventurous destinations in the world.

Organized in Utrecht of Netherlands from January 14 to 19, Nepal went through a large number of footsteps throughout the fair. ‘Nepal’s presentation at the fair not only succeeded to drew the attention of the visitors but also showed up prominently,’ the board states .

Nepal featured Lumbini, Khaptad and Ilam among other places as significant tourism destinations besides showcasing its typical culture and adventure products.

Observed by ten thousand more visitors, Nepal was able to draw quite a large number of potential travelers from Holland. ‘Dutch people being adventure lovers, it was worthwhile to promote Nepal in the fair’, the statement released by the board further read.

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