Govt heighten vigilance over foreigners

Logo of Government of Nepal.
Logo of Government of Nepal.

KATHMANDU, Nepal– In its attempt to check the unnecessary flow of foreign nationals (except for tourists) and their suspected involvement in the country ‘s various sectors, the government of Nepal on Sunday announced that it will intensify vigilance over foreign nationals working in the Himalayan country.

The government also warned that foreigners found to be violating the existing law  of the country will be fined in cash or imprisoned or both while they might also be chased out of Nepal.

The government’ move floated amid an increasing flow and suspected activities of foreigners in the country in the names of various business in tourist visa, but clinging in the country illegally, that caused ‘a loss of millions of dollar’ annually in taxes.

Ministry of Labour and Employment and the Department of Labour Sunday asked all foreign nationals to receive a labour permit within three months, Xinhua reported.

According to the announcement, any foreigner succeeded to obtain work permit during the grace period of 90 days will be excused of his or her dues including income visa charge, tax and immigration fee.

As per the Ministry data, as many as 50,000 foreigners are working in Nepal illegally in different sectors such as NGOs, diplomatic missions, construction, hydro-power, airlines, educational institute and social service among others.

Roughly ten thousand foreigners so far have received work permit from the department of labour, of whom more than 80 percent are learnt to be Chinese nationals.

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