Italian tourists found dead in Guest House

Flag of Italy. Photo:
Flag of Italy. Photo:

KATHMANDU, Nepal– The two Italian tourists were found dead at a guest house in Kathmandu, Tuesday evening. They found dead at a Satkar Guest House at Sundhara in Kathmandu.

The deceased have been identified as Luciano Traezza, 53, (passport-YA3382326) and Rita Melorio, 48, (passport-YA2683729). They were found dead in room no. 10 of the guest house, according to police.

The police had got into the room by breaking the window after they could not break through the door.

However, the hotel owner did not want to speak at the issue while making contact. The cause of the deaths is yet to be ascertained but circumstances support the view that the two died of suffocation or gas poisoning.

Police informed the bodies were sent to TU Teaching Hospital for autopsy and it will be carried out as soon as families of the victims arrive in Kathmandu.

It is learnt that the ventilates of the room were covered with polythene paper and the crack in the doors and windows were found barricaded with paper.

Earlier, two Chinese tourists were found dead in their hotel room at Nagarkot in Bhaktapur and the autopsy reports established gas poisoning behind the death.

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