Nepal's biggest lake Rara likely to burst anytime; warns stakeholders

Rara Lake, File photo. Photo source:
Rara Lake, File photo. Photo source:

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Due to the continuous landslides triggered by rapid deforestation and the weak composition of the soil, the Rara Lake, the biggest lake of the country is likely to burst anytime, warned stakeholders.

They have also requested the government to adopt preventive measure as soon as possible since any small attempts at local level will not help preserve this beautiful lake lies in Rara Village Development Committee of Mugu District .

The landside is reportedly flooding inch closer towards the east of lake from district headquarters, Gamgadi, leaving the local people in panic situations.

The deforestation was inundated after forest areas around the lake were rendered to the local community two years ago with the introduction of the Buffer Zone Management Policy. However, the local are learnt to be complaining of the Buffer Zone Management committee for ignoring the glory of the lake.

Though the geologist have frequently advising the local administration to displace the local residing around the lake citing the encroachments by people their increased activities, the government is failed to rehabilitate the locals elsewhere.

Located at Karnali Zone in Western Nepal and falls under the Rara National Park, the lake is also known as Mahendra Daha, named after the late king.

It lies at an altitude of 2,990 metres (9,810 ft) above the sea level covering an area of 10.8 km2 (4.2 sq mi). The lake having a length of 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) and a width of 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) has a maximum depth of 167 metres.

The lake, surrounded by Rara National Park, has unique floral and faunal importance with rare and vulnerable species.

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