Google enlists Nepali language onto its translation app


Google logo, file photo
Google logo, file photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal–The internet search engine Google has started translation in Nepali language for the first time. Four of the nine languages added by Google are Asian. This translation system will provide relief to the Nepali users who face problems in English language and will be promoted in the international arena.

With the extended service, Google is now capable of translating over 80 different languages. ‘Google Translate’ is Google’s free online language translation service that instantly translates text and web pages.

With this service, even the foreigners without any knowledge of Nepali can now read the Nepali materials on the web through Google while Nepalis can also read English materials.

However, the stakeholders have been expressing doubts about the rightness of Google’s translation.

According to the national consensus of 2068 BS, 44.6 per cent people speak  Nepali as their mother tongue.

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