Mountaineers extend helping hands to school in Nepal

Mygdi district map
Mygdi district where the school is located. Photo:

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Foreigner tourists visiting Nepal are not only lured with the snow capped mountains and the natural scenarios here, but also lend their helping hands in social and development works to share their own experience to Nepal. They have contributed in education, social organizations serving for the welfare of handicap people, and above all to the children who are deprived from education in the mountainous region.

During the course of mountaineering and expeditions in various peak located at remote places, they have encountered with many school children for whom they offered financial supports on humanist ground.

In the latest instance, scores of foreign tourists, who paid visit Nepal for the Round-Dhaulagiri trekking in Myagdi district, located some 250 kilometers west of the capital Kathmandu have offered financial support of 0.1 million rupees to the Mudi VDC-based Kailash Primary School.

Foreign tourists who came for trekking and climbing Mt Dhaulagiri peak from mid-August to mid-November provided such amount, according to the school.

‘Around 300 tourists had provided Rs. 96,000 during one month’ local media quoted Dhan Bahadur Purja, a teacher as saying.

Foreigners had also provided around 02 million rupees during the season of the last year.

The financial support is spent on physical infrastructure construction of the school, scholarship to poor students and drinking water facility, among others.

Scores of tourists visit the route from mid-August to mid-November and mid-April to mid-June.

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