'Pak glaciers will melt by 2035'

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- Glaciers in Pakistan are endlessly melting due to rising temperature, and by the end of 2035, the country will no more see the glaciers, the Pakistani government predicted.

During a three-day International Conference on Plants, People and Climate 2013, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid forecasted that Pakistani glaciers would be faded roughly after 23 years.

According to Pakistani news website dawn, the minister admitted that Pakistan was giving off approximately 0.34 per cent of green house gases which are blamed for global warming and causing melting of the glaciers and Himalayas.

News report has it that during the past few years, almost 1,700 people in Pakistan had died in the country following floods while nearly, 23 percent people are living under high risk of floods.

The government of Pakistan had approved climate change policy in 2012.

Stating that the average temperature of the world had raised by one degree centigrade in the past 100 years, the Minister also warned Pakistani people that they would face more natural disasters in the days to come.

According to Kamran Ali Qureshi, secretary of the Ministry for Science and Technology, water was vital for life and there was a dire need for research to face the effects of climate changes.

He was of the view that increased pollution, global warming deforestation were the major factors for contributing to melt glaciers.


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