Tourists flow likely to hit as countries issue travel alerts ahead of Nov poll

The building of the Election Commission of Nepal. Photo: File photo
The building of the Election Commission of Nepal. Photo: File photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal- November, the peak tourist season in the country when arrivals reach more than 83,000 monthly, is likely to hit this season as the countries have started issuing travel alerts to their citizens planning to visit Nepal.

Countries including the US, the UK, Australia and Canada have issued travel alert to its citizens traveling to or living in Nepal to exercise high degree of caution amid the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) election scheduled for November 19.

The countries have issued the alerts viewing an increased risk of violence during strikes as well as at rallies and demonstrations.

The disgruntle faction of the UCPN-Maoist Baidya group lead by Mohan Baidya and other 33 fringe parties have called for 10-day nationwide strike beginning Nov 11 to foil poll preparations and voting. The parties are demonstrating with their demands to cancel elections and for a round table conference among others.

However, the government and the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) have made arrangements for hassle free movement of tourists during the poll. The NTB  has said there will be no inconvenience for tourists during the election as it has made arrangements for them to get around without problems.

NTB said it would issue passes for tourist vehicles so that they can travel without hindrance. However, overland tourists will be affected on election day as all the border points will be sealed from the evening of Nov 18 to Nov 20.

The US is the fourth largest tourist source market to Nepal. While a total of 48,985 Americans visited Nepal last year, 41,294 British visitors came Nepal in 2012. Likewise, Canada and Australia which are major tourist market for Nepal have also advised their nationals to exercise high degree of caution and keep alert if they plan to visit Nepal this month.


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