Human encroachment a major cause behind tusker rampant, reveal wildlife experts

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- A team from the Department of Wildlife Conservation has revealed that wild elephants in the eastern region of Nepal were damaging houses and property frequently due to the human encroachment on their trail.

The study team comprising of 13 wildlife experts also  revealed that human intrusion was constantly posing threat to the lives of wild animals including tuskers, leopard among other wild beasts.

The team has set up 26 different camps at the community forests in Jhapa and Morang districts, covered a range of 55 kilometers, for the purpose of the study.

The team has still been still carrying out a study  on large mammal particularly in the different community forests in Jhapa and Morang and Sarlahi districts and will make public the report within week, an official at the Department in Kathmandu informed.

The team is studying on the habit, habitat and movement of elephants from Bahundangi in Jhapa district, the main hub for the activities of the wild tuskers in eastern region.

A team headed by Ashok Kumar Ram is studying on the elephants inhabiting at various community forests in Damak, Jhapa district.

It also stated that some 200 to 250 elephants enter Nepal from Indian border Bahundangi area at one time but return after finding their eco-route being blocked by settlements at different locations.

The study team is learnt to make public the report after completing the report this week.

It is the first ever kind of study on the habitant and movements of tusker in the country, according to officials at the Department.

The team estimates that there are 700 to 750 elephants inhabiting the forests in Assam, India. Wildlife experts say that usually elephants from Assam enter Nepal.

The locals have been living under frequent panic after the herds of the wild elephants create terror in many villages in evening since many years back.

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