Rescue tower erected to lessen drowning incidents at Phewa Lake

Newly erected rescue tower in Phewa lake. Photo courtesy to facebook,
Newly erected rescue tower in Phewa lake. Photo courtesy to facebook,

KATHMANDU, Nepal- In an attempt to control the increased number of drowning incidents at Phewa Lake, one of the most popular lakes in the country, located at the tourist hub city Pokhara in Western Nepal, a lake watch and rescue tower has been erected on the banks of Lake.

The 32 feet tall tower which was constructed at the initiation of the Armed Police Force (AFP) with the support of the Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City, tourism entrepreneurs, boat operators, local youth clubs and mother’s group at the cost of Rs 1.5 million, came into operation from Monday.

Regional Administrator Lokdarshan Regmi inaugurated the tower was by amid a programme. Local peoples, tourism entrepreneurs and people operating ferry service at the lake are glad with the erection of tower operated under the guard of the Armed Police Force (APF), Pokhara based local newspaper informed.

A team of Armed Police Force ( APF) specialized in water rescue operation, are deployed to lessen the drowning incidents and shortly  rescue the victims due to boat turtle or other incidents in the lake.

According to SSP Durga Bahadur Kunwar of the APF police would alert by rendering required information about the existing changes in wind condition and weather

The team would constantly follow up the activities and keep surveillance round-the-clock  in the lake and inform about precautional measures through loud speakers installed at the bank of the lake, it is learnt.

Fewa Lake in recent times has turned into a deathbed, as more and more number of people have been found dead after drowning.

The repeated boat accidents in the lake have given negative message to the domestic and international tourists.

Seven people had drowned in the lake during the first six months of this year alone, according to police records and most of the incidents were caused either in boat capsize or while swimming.

In 1961, 19 locals had succumbed to boat accident. In another incident of 1986, 18 people had died. Likewise, six security men had drowned in the lake after returning from the security patrol while erstwhile king Gyanendra Shah was on Pokhara visit in 2004.

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