Climate Change taking toll in South Asia

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- The global warning, untimely rainfall, use of pesticides in crops, has rendered adverse effects on agriculture and human health in South Asian nations, a recent study revealed.

The study carried out by the Media Action Nepal associated to the BBC disclosed that Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam have been hit hard by the climate change.

The study was carried out among 33,500 people from these nations in two years. They were asked how they were feeling about climate change.

All together 2,354 Nepalis were asked for the study. Most of them respondent said the climate changed had very bad impact on environment and agriculture.

Among the total respondents, 80 percent showed ignorance about the climate change while 60 percent respondents said it had laid negative impact on agricultural sectors.

The respondents also complained that the media gave only brief information about the climate change. According to Bhuwan Timalsina who involved in the study, irregular rainfall has very negative impact on Nepal’s agriculture development.

In spite of lively efforts against the climate change, south Asian countries have been bearing the burnt, the report concluded.


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