Govt set to restrain foreigners through work permit

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- The government of Nepal is all set to constrain foreigners working in Nepal without taking work permit from the Department of Labor (DoL).

In the first phase, the DoL has targeted the teachers of the Capital Kathmandu where dozens of foreigners are working without work permit, according to an official at the department.

Around 50,000 foreign nationals work in the country without work permit, according to a report made public by the department of  late.

The foreign teachers working in British School in Jhamsikhel, St. Xavier´s School in Lalitpiiur and Kalanki based Lincoln School have been directed to apply for work permit.

As per the existing laws, normally, all foreigners, except red passport holders, should receive work permit from the department if they wish to work here, regardless of any, occupations, periods and nationalities.

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